Basic Details:

What: The 1st ToonSeum MiniCon
When: Thursday April 5th 6-9 PM (Kickoff)
Friday April 6th 6-9 PM (Unblurred)
Where: The BGC Community center, 113 N. Pacific  Avenue
Who: You and the rest of Pittsburgh’s cartoonists, illustrators and zinesters.

First off all, tables will be free. The idea here gives you the opportunity to conveniently hustle your wares and turn on folks to your comics and writing. All you have to do is show up to the expo with stacks of your comics and zines, your usual promotional material and some good vibes.

This MiniCon will be part of two larger events, the GAGI Festival and the Unblurred (first fridays) gallery crawl. The MiniCon will kick off the 2012 Geek Arts/ Green Innovators Festival (GAGI) and will be a main attraction at the coming Unblurred Penn Avenue gallery crawl. Given these things, you can be certain that there’ll be large crowds, the age range of which will run the gamut. (Likely, something quite different from most of your previous comics and zine expo experiences).

The programming for the MiniCon will include ongoing workshops and several discussion panels. There’ll be music DJed by WRCT Pittsburgh, homemade potato kale/sauerkraut,mushroom,carrot pierogies and activities for kids.

Questions? Shoot them my way at